Coming to you from exciting Medford, Massachusetts (just outside Boston)!

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We used this site extensively during our time in England to relay our adventures to our friends and families. Hopefully we'll continue to update it with our adventures 'back home'.

Feel free to poke around. Keep in touch!!!


Click here for the England page, where you'll find info about our adventures abroad when we lived in England (Jan 2002 - Sept 2004) .


Okay, the wedding (did you know we got married?) click here for more details):

To celebrate our marriage, Toby's dad threw us a party on January 6th (click to see the invitation).


Here are some older pictures of our nieces - Tom's got two (Hannah and Eliana Moss) and Toby's got two nieces and a nephew (Carla, Emily and Nat Robinson). Click here to jump to the nieces page and see a few pictures.

The House

Here are a few pictures of the house that Rich and Tom bought a while back now. It is a two-family in West Medford, MA that we converted to 2 condominiums.

Pictures of the house
Aerial Photo of the area (house highlighed in yellow)
Map of the Boston area with the house location shown

The Kayak Series

Here are some pictures of the kayak that Tom built (a chesapeake 17 from Chesapeake Light Craft). More to come as they are acquired.

Pictures on the lawn.
Pictures on the car.
Pictures on the water.

And here are pictures of the kayak Rich built (an Arctic Tern from Pygmy Boats).

Starting out Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Step 4a Step 4b Step 5a Step 5b
Kayak from side Kayak standing up

Some (old) Pictures of Toby (and Tom)

Tom would be remiss (and maybe get some nasty looks) if he didn't include some pictures of Toby, his wife (!). Click here to see a few (newer ones in the wedding, party and england section though!).

Ellisville Panorama

Using Rich's digital camera and some software magic, you can see a panoramic picture of Ellisvile. Click here for a panorama of Ellisville.

Schwartzman Family Tree

A very simple web view of Tom's family tree. All you relatives out there - please take a look, poke around and send me email with additions, pictures, fixes etc. Thanks!!! Click here to jump to the family tree.

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Quick Links: England Wedding Pix Party Pix Our Nieces Oxford Weather Family Tree Kayaks Contact Us